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employees contribute to a good financial stand

Friday, May 28th, 2010

for any company to run employees are like the four wheels of a car that is equivalent to a company. With any wheel punctured the company and its growth will slow down. Employees contribute to a good financial stand of any and every company. Each section of employees generate small amount of work and when the work of entire set of employees is gathered at one place it results into an asset for the company.
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European Banks Facing Capital Push After OK On Tough New Rules

Monday, October 12th, 2009

After regulators approved some tough new rules put forward by the G20 nations that could force many European institutions to raise over €10bn in the coming months. Based on these new rules banks will need to hold extra capital in case of financial shocks. The committee has also agreed to new hard limits on the amount a bank can borrow, without exception this is no more than 25 times assets. Definite proposals are expected to be out by the end of 2009, while the end of 2010 should see an adjustment after an impact assessment is conducted.
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Business Card Design Tips For Businesses and Management

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

A business card is a reflection of yourself, and your business. Management and business owners should have some available. It is used in introductions and is key in providing brief information on your business and how clients can contact you. Create a business card that creates an impact. Factors such as colour, the font, your logo, the size of your card, and what contact information you decide to provide all play a important role in creating the ideal business card.
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