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What to expect from dating Russian women

The stereotype of a Russian bride is skewed and very incomplete. The first thing that people associate with dating Russian women is a gorgeous babe. In most cases, this is actually true. Russian women are very beautiful and take good care of their bodies. Appearance is more important in Russian culture so the women like to dress well and wear makeup. This takes us to the next stereotype- that dating Russian women will burn a hole in your wallet. Periods of economic shortages have taught Russians to indulge in luxuries while they are available. However, men who get caught up spending too much money on shoes, dinners, etc are usually to blame. They advertise themselves as rich Americans and want to show off by splurging and not minding the costs. Russian women grew up thinking of America as a very wealthy country so you need to show them that people still live on a budget! Lastly, most men are shocked when they realize how intelligent the women of Russia are. These women go to the best universities, many of which are still free. Even though they are educated and worldly, the women still have a strong sense of tradition and make great mothers and wives.

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